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1.4.9 for Android
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The description of AeroTrackerPro APK

AeroTrackerPro is an independent activity tracker that shows you everything you need during your activity, and syncs your tracks directly to your favorite tracking site.

Choose to see your time, distance, current or average speed and pace, elevation, heart rate or splits. You can configure what you see on screen at any time, even while on the run.


* New AeroHRM mode. Turn your Pebble into a heart rate monitor watch! For tracking indoor and static workouts using a heart rate monitor, with no need for GPS. Syncs with RunKeeper and Dailymile. Edit the heart rate workouts in the stats page, to add distance manually.

* Support for heart rate zones. Set up your personal zones in the settings menu.

* Support for the Pebble smart watch

* Support for Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitors (please read the note below)

* Sync with RunKeeper, Strava, and DailyMile

* Autosyncing. Tracks will queue and sync when data connection is available.

* Elevation display on Pebble

* Skip to next / previous song on phone using watch buttons. Should work with default music players, probably not Google Play Music. Set the option to double click, or single click to change songs from the watch app menu. Double/single click the bottom button to skip to next song. Double/single click the top button to skip to previous song.

* Menu option to vibrate your Pebble every km/mile

Using the Pebble smart watch with AeroTrackerPro you don't even have to get your phone out of your pocket. You can start, stop, save, and reset tracking all from your Pebble. Or if you can't use your Pebble for any reason, even if it runs out of battery half way through, you can take control of everything from the AeroTrackerPro phone app.

Sync your tracks automatically with RunKeeper, Strava and DailyMile! Or choose to sync only selected tracks manually with the touch of a button. AeroTrackerPro supports activities, so you can choose to go running, hiking, cycling or more.

When using the Pebble smart watch, don't forget to install the Pebble app from the settings menu.
* You will need version 2.0 of Pebble installed on your phone, and watch.

*Note for using heart rate monitors:
You need a Bluetooth Smart enabled phone running Android 4.3 or greater
You need a Bluetooth Smart enabled heart rate monitor

Connecting to a bluetooth HRM seems a bit buggy in Android at the moment. If you are struggling to get a connection in the AeroTrackerPro app, this is what you can do:

* Disconnect the HRM, and back out of AeroTrackerPro. Try again after a minute.
* Pair the HRM first in the bluetooth menu on your phone
* Turn bluetooth on your phone off, and on again.
* Disconnect the HRM, unscrew the battery cover and remove the battery for a couple of minutes.
* See the Polar H7 troubleshooting guide:

What Is New

New in 1.4.9:
* Fixed crash on "Export all" in settings
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