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This application let you listen Holy Quran MP3 Juz 30 offline mode so you are able to play this app even without internet connection or wifi connection. This Al Quran Juz 30 MP3 or Juz Amma Recited By Muhammad Al Minshawi or Sheikh Al-Minshawi or Muhammad Al Minshawi.

Table Of Content :
Surat An-Naba
Surat An-Naziat
Surat Abasa
Surat At-Takwir
Surat Al-Infitar
Surat Al-Mutaffifin
Surat Al-Inshiqaq
Surat Al-Burooj
Surat At-Tariq
Surat Al-Ala
Surat Al-Ghashiya
Surat Al-Fajr
Surat Al-Balad
Surat Ash-Shams
Surat Al-Lail
Surat Ad-Dhuha
Surat Al-Inshirah
Surat At-Tin
Surat Al-Alaq
Surat Al-Qadr
Surat Al-Bayyina
Surat Az-Zalzala
Surat Al-Adiyat
Surat Al-Qaria
Surat At-Takathur
Surat Al-Asr
Surat Al-Humaza
Surat Al-Fil
Surat Quraish
Surat Al-Maun
Surat Al-Kauther
Surat Al-Kafiroon
Surat An-Nasr
Surat Al-Masadd
Surat Al-Ikhlas
Surat Al-Falaq
Surat An-Nas
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