NinNin - the Web News Ninja APK

1.0.2 for Android
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The description of NinNin - the Web News Ninja APK

NinNin will search the Web and aggregate information on your behalf, like a Ninja.
This application uses Google Search and Google News services.
In short, you can google with same conditions repeatedly.

Once you register the keywords that you are interested in, you can pull the screen and search them as often as you like.
You can specify the range of the target pages such as "past 1 day", "past 1 week", and so on. So all you have to do to check the latest news is just to search once a day.

In addition, with the "auto search" function, you can search every day at the same time, at same conditions, so you will become familiar with the topic soon.
The "auto search" reads pages in search results partially, so you can read them where you don't have network connections.
Note: This is an experimental function and may not work properly.

When you find interesting keywords with the great news app(such as Flipboard, Pulse, Feedly...), register them to NinNin and check them continuously.

This app is also recommended for following cases:
- I want to check very minor news.
- It is not a topic rarely but I want to check it immediately if it becomes to a topic.
- I like egosurfing ;)

We introduce how to use the app in the following blog:
(Sorry, but Japanese only)

No account registration is required.
(This app uses Google services but Google account is unnecessary because it does not log in.)

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Recent updates
Fixed a bug that the app crashes on Android 2.3.
- Whether the Google News or Google Search is used is now shown in tabs.
- Fixed display area of ​​the search results to be wider.
- Fixed display of a Web page to be loaded more quickly.
- Added gesture in the Web page viewer screen: swiping from the left side of the screen to close.
- Added a menu that allows you to set the share button from the page viewer screen.
- Fixed some bugs.

What Is New

Fixed a bug that the app crashes on Android 2.3.
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