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The description of Pound Ounce Kilogram Gram Converter APK

You're going to need this App rather sooner, than later, so keep it handy and right in your mobile device!

There are variety of situations in real life when one needs to figure out quickly certain weight measurements in the other system.

This app is a simple and easy converter.

Quick examples:

Body weight of 175 pounds in the US system would be 79 kg 379 g in Metric.

Or, baby body weight of 9 lb 3 oz would be 4 kg 167 g, and the other way around.

Also, if you have your digital scale measurements in decimals, like 3.6 Lb, but for your postage you need it like 3 Lb and 10 Oz, no problem, this App would take care of this conversion for you, too!

Pound Ounce Kilogram Gram Converter features:

• Pound-Ounce to Kilogram-Gram conversion in plain English

• Kilogram-Gram to Pound-Ounce conversion in plain English

• Takes both whole and decimal numbers

• Runs on both phones and tablets

• No Internet connection is required

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What Is New

V. 1.5

New feature in the 'About' page.
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