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1.3 for Android
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The description of Rx Medicine Reminder APK

Never forget to take your prescription medication.
Rx Reminder, simple and free full featured medicine reminder application. Setup medication alarms for yourself, relatives or others in simple and easy to use interface. You can add more than one medicine to a reminder with dosage specification for each time specified in the reminder.
You can add reminders for appointment with doctor. You can place phone call, view directions to the location given in doctor's details.

* Medication alarm: Create reminders for more than one medicines with custom dosage specification and patient. Reminders can be set as recurring with different start and end date. You can customize the recurring to any number of days, months, years. You can snooze the alarm or mark medicines as taken directly from the notification. You can also add metrics like Temperature, Pulse etc. when you mark medicine as taken.
* Medication alarm: Customize dosage for each alarm time in a reminder. With this you need not create different medicines with different dosage. The dosage specified during adding the medicine will be taken as the default dosage.
* Metrics: You can select what metrics to collect when you take medicine, you can add additional metrics to metrics list. Check metric data collected plotted on chart/listing.
* Medicines manager: Add new medicines so you never have to re-enter medicine details for each reminder. Also use the current quantity and minimum level to know when medicine needs a refill.
* Appointment alarm: Add appointment reminders. Appointment reminder alert provides options to place phone call to the contact number given or show directions to practice address entered in doctor's details.
* Doctor manager: Add details of doctor so you can quickly setup the appointment with the doctor. Doctor's practice's address can be picked by searching using the map. Appointment alert provides option to show direction to the practice address.
* Patients manager: Setup medication alarm for others. You can add details of the patient including blood group.
* Units manager: Add units of medicine, so you always specify the dosage correctly. App comes preloaded with several units.
* Password Security: Setup basic password security so nobody else sees your medication details.
* Application Widget so you can quickly see details of the next reminder directly from the main screen.
* Export reminders of a patient to a pdf file which you can print and use as a todo list. This feature shall help in case you have only one phone but have reminders for other patient. You can take a printout and give it to the patient.
* Additional settings include disable reminder notifications, set sound for the notification, show time in 24-hour format.

This application does not do any activity which impacts the battery life of the device. The network permission is for the advertisement shown in the application.

You can check blog http://fivesdesk.blogspot.in/ for tutorials.

* English
* German

Follows Android design guidelines:
* Long hold items to delete.
* Checking reminder enters the 'mark as taken' screen mode. Marking a reminder indicates that you have taken the medicines mentioned in the reminder. The application then deducts the quantity of the medicine by the dosage specified when creating the medicine. Marking reminders as taken will help you keep track of quantity available.

Typical Usage:
1. Add Medicines by selecting the Medicines option.
2. Add Patients by selecting Patients option.
2. Add Doctor by select Doctors option.
Step 1 and 2 is a one time input so you need not add these details for each reminder/appointment.
3. Now you can add reminders and appointments with minimal input.

Rx Reminder, Medicine Reminder, Pill Reminder, Prescription Reminder, Medicine, Reminder.

If you have any problems using the application or need a feature please mail me at [email protected]

What Is New

11# 2 May, 2013
* Now you can view the metrics collected, when you take medicine, in chart/listing to help you track the various metrics. The metric data is shown for each patient separately.
* Mark reminder as missed to indicate that you missed the medication. Marking as missed does not affect inventory.
* Missed filter added to view medicines which are missed.
* Notification changed to be persistent so as to prevent accidental closing and you can mark medicines as missed from notification.
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